Thursday, November 01, 2012

Rasm E Ulfat

I wanted to sing this beautiful filmi Ghazal for a long time.Anil-Bs has made it possible for me to sing it creating a very beautiful track for it.Please listen and let us know.
Originally sung by:Lata Mangeshkar
Film : Dil ki Raahe
Composer: Madan Mohan
Cover by:Swati Kanitkar
Full track by: Anil-Bs

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dil Dhundta hai phir wohi...

Here is a song that I love and was waiting for someone to sing with me.Pradip Somasundaran has been very gracious in singing it with me.Thank you so so much Pradip.

Dil Dhundta hai phir wohi | Musicians Available

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sare Sham aae...

‘Sare Sham aae’ is a song that has been made in Hindi.The original tune is of a Bengali song ‘Meghe der Minare’ by a wonderful and famous singer Shubhamita Banarjee .
Nilangshu, my friend introduced me to her song .I fell in love with Shubhamita’s melodious voice and amazing expression.I am going to record more of her songs in Hindi as my effort to introduce non-Hindi tunes to a larger audience.
Bengali lyrics were quite sad and dark, but when I listened to the song, the tune sounded more of a romantic song than that of a melancholic one. I requested
Sajeev Sarathi who is a proud writer of this song to keep it positive and he did an amazing job of choosing the words and a feel to it. I did not have to change a single word for any reason. Abhishek, another friend was my best critic; he translated the Bengali lyrics for me.(though we never use the actual translation when we make the song in Hindi). I always got his input..Shampak who very graciously made these tracks available to me and finally but very importantly Anil-ji who mixed the track for me did a beautiful job. Believe me I tried mixing and it did not come anywhere close to what it sounds at present. 
Thank you very very much to all my direct and indirect team members.
Here is a link for
Shubhamita’s website: , do listen to all her songs.

Album : Brishti Pae PaeOriginal Singer: Shubhamita Banarjee
Composer: ??? (I would appreciate it If someone can let me know . :)
Hindi Lyrics : Sajeev Sarathi
Mixing: Anil Bs

Here are the lyrics:

सरे शाम आये, तराने सुनाये हवा,
मनुहार करे क्या, सुरीली सुहानी हवा,
सरे शाम आये, तराने सुनाये हवा,
मनुहार करे क्या, सुरीली सुहानी हवा,
प्रेम का ये गीत, ओ रे मेरे मीत,
तूने है रचा, जानूं मैं, जानूं मैं.....

बहुत दूर है, यहाँ कश्तियों से किनारा,
एक आस है जो चमके है अम्बर पे बन सितारा,
घने बादलों में, जो चमकी है पल पल पिया,
तेरी है शुआयें....
सरे शाम आये, तराने सुनाये हवा,
मनुहार करे क्या, सुरीली सुहानी हवा,

जो धूली उडाये, समय दौड जाए यूँ पल में,
लम्हा कोई रह जाता है पलकों के जल में,
सिराने जला दे, कोई ख्वाब आके पिया,
दिलों की दुआयें....
सरे शाम आये, तराने सुनाये हवा,
मनुहार करे क्या, सुरीली सुहानी हवा,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hello...Since I have not posted anything for a while here is something that Murli has put on his blog for my introduction to the Blog world.
‘DayaGhana’ is a Marathi song written by a very well known Marathi poet Sudhir Moghe, sung by Suresh Wadkar and music given by Hridaynath Mangeshkar.
I have attempted this song with a ‘Bandish’ in Raag ‘Poorvi’ as a prelude followed by the original song.
My good friend Surendra Rajak and I started to work on this project long time back and we are still working on it in between our live shows and jobs. Hopefully some time soon he will put all of these songs on his site. Recording these Marathi songs is one of the fondest memories of mine.
Please visit Murli’s blog to listen to it.Or you can check it out right here. I am sure all of you that visit my blog are routed through his, but for some reason if anyone has missed visiting his blog, please do so; he has some wonderful songs that he has put up sung by him as well as some recordings of his own compositions.

Dayaghana | Music Upload

Saturday, March 13, 2010

’Ruk jaa Aai Hawa’....Just messing around

No, do not want to call it a ‘remix’ ,‘re-arranged’ or ‘deranged’. Don’t want to be caught in the ‘Technical' term mumbo jumbo…..
Here is a song that we always loved, and wanted to be creative. Ali’s creative mind at work has made him produce this track. Can you guess which movie the starting dialogue is taken from????

Vocals: Swati & Ali
Arranged/Produced: Ali Parvez

Monday, March 01, 2010


Hello every one,
 Finally Blogswara VI Album is released. Please check it out.A duet by me and Ali is one of the songs.Please check it out and pass the link to people who enjoy music.

Here is a link to the album 

Here is the link to our song 'Chand' 
If you like the song, you can download it as well, please click on the download button depending on your Internet connection.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hai mera dil (solo)

Hai mera dil (solo)
I apologize for putting this song immediately after I posted the same as a duet, but it’s been overdue and Ajay (the lyricist) was after me to finish the female version. I have to admit that I really enjoyed doing the whole song again.
With all the other team members this time I have to thank another special person, George Kuruvilla, who mixed the track for me, in-spite of few problems of background noise etc. he came through and made me sound good. So here it is, hope you will like it.

Lyrics: Ajay Chandran

Music, Orchestration: Pradeep Somasundaran

Vocals: Pradeep Somasundaran, Swati Kanitkar

Violin Solo: Bhavya

Piano: William

Mixing : George Kuruvilla