Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hello...Since I have not posted anything for a while here is something that Murli has put on his blog for my introduction to the Blog world.
‘DayaGhana’ is a Marathi song written by a very well known Marathi poet Sudhir Moghe, sung by Suresh Wadkar and music given by Hridaynath Mangeshkar.
I have attempted this song with a ‘Bandish’ in Raag ‘Poorvi’ as a prelude followed by the original song.
My good friend Surendra Rajak and I started to work on this project long time back and we are still working on it in between our live shows and jobs. Hopefully some time soon he will put all of these songs on his site. Recording these Marathi songs is one of the fondest memories of mine.
Please visit Murli’s blog to listen to it.Or you can check it out right here. I am sure all of you that visit my blog are routed through his, but for some reason if anyone has missed visiting his blog, please do so; he has some wonderful songs that he has put up sung by him as well as some recordings of his own compositions.

Dayaghana | Music Upload


vikas zutshi said...

nice job keep doing so

अभिजीत वाघ said...

Excellent. Heavenly Voice.