Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hai mera dil (solo)

Hai mera dil (solo)
I apologize for putting this song immediately after I posted the same as a duet, but it’s been overdue and Ajay (the lyricist) was after me to finish the female version. I have to admit that I really enjoyed doing the whole song again.
With all the other team members this time I have to thank another special person, George Kuruvilla, who mixed the track for me, in-spite of few problems of background noise etc. he came through and made me sound good. So here it is, hope you will like it.

Lyrics: Ajay Chandran

Music, Orchestration: Pradeep Somasundaran

Vocals: Pradeep Somasundaran, Swati Kanitkar

Violin Solo: Bhavya

Piano: William

Mixing : George Kuruvilla


Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Pratibha said...

Swati - Awesome..liked the composition and your singing a lot. The duet also sounds very good...